Wrack and Ruin

by Tyrella

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released March 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Tyrella UK

54° 15' 7.2828"
-5° 44' 49.3692"

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Track Name: Union Carbide
bright lights and gasoline
I think you know exactly what I mean

sunlight and evening rain
you feel the whole world racing through your brain

and no time, to look back
you're scared to think on all the things you lack

so heads up, concentrate
'cos you don't want to be the one that's late

maybe everybody knows
we all surrendered long ago
to bright lights and gasoline
and all the those little trinkets in between

they called my name and I obeyed
and the tongue inside my head became a blade

I spoke up, my voice was clear
and the terms that I employed were most severe

the day died and we moved on
turns out no-one's right and no-one's wrong

and no grief and no tears
just a few old ghosts to chase me down the years

I've been down this road before
So how come I don't seem to know it anymore
I can't catch my breath, I don't eat
Scared to close my eyes when I sleep

friday night, traffics slow
don't worry about the things you can't control

and all your time, and all your love
is poured away as if not enough

tried my best, I leaned in
I left my mark in everyplace I've been

I can't tell you if it's fair
but lately I don't seem to care
for bright lights and gasoline
and all those little trinkets in between
Track Name: The Ghost of Bencoolen Street
Well I saw Saint Jude and he was losing
every hand he tried to play
he said 'I've had my last transfusion'
'and now all my bloods just Tanqeray'

he said 'I hope you know what you are doin''
'when you don't belong here anyway'
'but you're always the last thing on Bencoolen'
'for the rain to wash away'
'for the rain to wash away'

'You said you'd follow where the wind blows'
'and tried to make it in Shanghai'
'you left your heart in San Francisco'
'and lost your soul in Dubai'

'well they tried to heal your wounds with money'
'and you hid among this happy crowd'
'but if you knew round here what passed for funny'
'well you wouldn't laugh out loud'
'yeah you wouldn't laugh out loud'

from the Sunshine coast
to Mandalay
will you cut your throat?
tryin' to make it pay

'And Joan of Arc, who was once so pretty'
'well you'd hardly know her anymore'
'she's selling junk bonds in the city'
'and she never opens her front door'

I wished him well when I was goin,
and he waited with me in the hall,
I headed back out on Bencoolen
as the rain began to fall
as the rain began to fall
Track Name: Call me home
If they gave out crowns,
to fools and self deceivers,
then surely I would rule them all.

Just for all the times,
I turned my back on the true believers,
who reach out for you when you fall.

I started out, all full of words and sound and fury,
That I had not doubt I'd turn to gold
I was always right, I made my self the judge and jury,
who left you standing in the cold.

And if you wanna know,
what became of my new-found friends
well I just turned around and they were gone
but you always showed and that I'll never understand
call me anything but call me home

I was raised by people kind and quiet and loving
who never took what they deserved,
I thought that I could somehow raise myself above them,
and laughed at all their small concerns

And if you wanna know,
all the riches I enjoyed,
they were the kind that strip you down to the bone
and all the stories and the excuses I employed
call me anything but call me home

And if you wanna know,
what became of my new-found friends
well I just turned around and they were gone
and I'll never know why you were still there at the end
call me anything but call me home
call me anything but call me home
Track Name: On Strangford Lough
I hope that what they say's not true
somewhere the fire's gone out in you
and all the things that you've been through
have left you bruised and cowed

yet I recall when you were young
you weren't the claim of anyone
you'd climbed up from the lowest rung
bloodied and unbowed

out here the world has no time
for things that might have been
and the morning brings a new tide
and starts it all again

slack water's just a hearbeat
a changing of the guard
you keep your eyes fixed on the old stone quay
when the wind blows hard

Well I heard you lost your silver crown
and you'd burned their gilded temples down
you left them smouldering in the ground
while they all looked on and gaped

I wish that you were out there now
raising hell and running round
for all the laws that they laid down
you said were yours to break

the air out here is filled with
a billion glistening things
you could stand out in the spin drift
and let it wash you clean


but I don't think they know you well
and if you've had enough how could they tell?
for all the times that you almost fell
you always got up stronger

but if you feel the whole thing start to slide
you could meet me on the evening tide
we could try to coax that flame inside
to burn a little longer

and the sky out here is changing
every moment every day
and if the light out here is fadin'
well it won't lead you astray

Track Name: As The Raven King Lay Dying
as the raven king lay dying
by the all night pharmacy
the morning sun was rising
as he gazed across the street

he said 'a cold wind calls me home boys'
'and it will not be denied'
'but I made some trouble and I made some noise'
'and now there's nothing left inside'
'and so I cast this world aside'

and his soldiers gathered round him
as the day was growing bright
and crouched down where they found him
caught in the traffic lights

he said 'they had no ears to hear me',
'and their eyes they do not see',
'and though they had no cause to fear me'
'this world is not for me'
'no it's not for the likes of me'

and Death stood on the corner
all grim with apologies
his face fixed on the mourners
as they sang their eulogies
as they sang their eulogies

as their voices were receding
in the dust and the dirt of the street
the sun rose up to meet him
and laid gold at his feet

and every bird that flew
was gathered on the ground
and each a feather drew
for to make a fiery crown
for to make a fiery crown